Dr. Xu had extensive training in orthodontics through Progressive Orthodontics, so we offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment, which includes interceptive ortho treatment, invisalign, metal braces, six month braces.

Orthodontic treatment flow chart:
Free ortho consultation
Record appointment
(we will take x-rays and pictures and or
impressions for the record)
Braces placement
Monthly visit (6-8 weeks)
Braces off, retainer made

​Call us at (217) 892-8868  for a free ortho consultation!

Dental Services


Do I need dental implants? 
If you lost a tooth or a few teeth, call us to do a consultation for the necessity of dental implants.

Does it hurt? 
Not really, it does give you some discomfort afterwards, but the trauma is way less than extraction you had before. it is almost like having a filling done.

Is it expensive? 
We are trying to make it as affordable as possible. Our fee is lower than the average and also payment plan is also available

General Dentistry 


To learn more details about dental implants, please click the link here: IMPLANTS

At Angel Smiles Dental Care, we focus on providing personalized and detail-oriented family/general dentistry with the highest level of patient satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of services we offer, we are confident that you will feel right at home at our dental office. Here are the services we provide:

Gentle, professional cleaning
Tooth colored fillings
Extractions including wisdom teeth
Root canals including molars
Porcelain crowns
Gum disease treatment
TMJ problems
Six month smile braces
Denture and partials
Children dentistry
Same day emergency treatment